Kimberly Stramat || 2D Artist |



Remote Contract 2D Artist, April 2014-July 2014

The League of Venerable Explorers, mobile game by Brainquake Inc.

• Created polished art for 2D backgrounds, environment props, and puzzle UI

• Worked closely with the art director to coordinate, troubleshoot, and finish assets to meet project deadlines

• Assets made maintained programming constraints specified by the game engine and fell within defined collision specs


Remote 2D Artist Artist, December 2013-February 2014

Pop-A-Wheelie, mobile game by Fancy Turnip

• Designed concepts for themed character hats and environment assets to be modeled

• Assisted other artists by gathering reference materials and brainstorming locations for in-game use


Environment Concept Artist, November 2012-July 2013

Bloody Mary, game project

• Designed visually interesting, functional art as part of a team focusing to design environments and props for a game mod

• Generated detailed production art such as turnarounds, isometrics and painted over 3D geometry for the team’s modelers


Director/Co-Editor/Concept Artist, March-April 2013

Maya’s Notebook, book trailer for author Isabel Allende

• Drafted storyboards, planned various transitions, painted various story moments

• In post-production co-edited trailer and assisted in creating VFX in After Effects


Background Painter/Colorist, January 2013-May 2013

Hillary Bradfield’s “Edith and the Bear,” award-winning animated short

• Collaborated with the rest of the art team to paint backgrounds and animation

• Emulated the style designated by the lead artist then following up with prompt revisions



Adobe Photoshop CC, Sketchbook Pro 6, Autodesk Maya, ZBrush, After Effects, Flash, Google SketchUp, Adobe Premiere Pro, InDesign CC, UV texturing